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Ilse Mindling, RYT

Registered Yoga Alliance Instructor,
Port Charlotte, Florida

Member - California Yoga Teachers Association

Hi! I'm Ilse Mindling

I teach classical Hatha Yoga Asanas, and have designed a workout that accommodates individuals that are at a fitness level from sedentary to physically active. I demonstrate different levels of modifications that are safe and easy-to-follow, for the beginner as well as the more advanced student of Hatha Yoga.

Born and raised in Bitburg, Germany, I traveled to the US with my husband while he served with the US Air Force. After assignments in Denver, Colorado, and again in Germany, we settled in Miami in 1969, my husband's home town. I developed Fibrositis, a muscle problem that mainly affected my back. Ilse and daughter Monica After the birth of my daughter in 1971, the problem, undiagnosed by my doctor at the time, became worse. A friend suggested I try Yoga to help with the problem.

I was first introduced to Yoga by Richard Hittleman's and Lilias Folans' Yoga television programs on National Public Television in 1970 and 1971. At a friend's suggestion, I became a regularly scheduled class student of Hatha Yoga in 1971, attending Miami Dade Community College classes with Ms. Juana Arenas. I attended various, different types of Yoga Classes in the Miami area during the Seventies, with several different Yoga instructors, including the Miami Institute.

In 1976 I started studying with Mr. Shuto who taught evening classes for the Dade County Adult Education Program, Miami, Fl. Mr. Shuto was an excellent instructor and became my mentor and encouraged me to study Hatha Yoga and it's philosophy in depth. At various times he asked me to demonstrate the postures while he assisted students in their postures. I learned the joy of working to my fullest capacity without competitiveness and wanted to share my new way of life with others.

I began teaching Hatha Yoga on a volunteer basis Ilse at the West Dade Regional Library in August of 1981 In 1982 thru 1984 I taught Adult Education Classes at McMillan Jr. High School in Miami, and also at Riviera Jr. High twice a week for two years.

I  was a student with Sri Gangeshwari Devi, June Blank, for several years in the 1980's at her studio in Miami. In 1984 I joined the IBM Corporation in Coral Gables, Florida. Shortly thereafter I began teaching a one hour Lunchtime Yoga Class twice a week for my co- workers. Several years later I introduced Bobbi Goldin, Director of the Yoga Institute of Miami, to the IBM Human Resources Department. Bobbi taught several Yoga Sessions at the IBM location and I was one of her students. Upon completion of Bobbi's contract with IBM, I again resumed teaching the Yoga lunchtime sessions at IBM.

My husband and I moved to Florida's west coast after his retirement in 1998. After successfully becoming a licensed Life and Health Insurance agent in Florida, I became a part-time staff Yoga Instructor in July, 1999, teaching at the Port Charlotte Family YMCA. I began teaching at two of their locations, in Murdock and at the Bayfront Center in Punta Gorda.

One of my YMCA students was an instructor at Gold's Gym in Venice, Florida. She recommended me to the Aerobic Director of Gold's Gym, Ft Myers, FL. I was hired by Gold's Gym, and started teaching at Gold's Gym at their Venice, Florida, location in October, 1999.

I taught Hatha Yoga classes at the Punta Gorda Isle Civic Association for fourteen years, beginning in September, 2000, and also taught at the Burnt Store Country Club, Punta Gorda, Florida.

I began teaching at the Heron Creek Country Club in North Port, Florida, in April 2007, and have taught continuously at various locations in North Port ever since, including the George Mullen Community Center and the North Port Senior Center.

(Please click here for for current class schedules and locations!)

I enhance and expand my Yoga experience whenever possible, and attended a three day Anusara Yoga Teacher Training Workshop with John Friend (Author of the video "Yoga for Meditators" and "Yoga Alignment & Form") in 2001 in Tampa, Florida.
Ilse and friends 
with Erich Schiffmann in Tampa

In June 2002, I completed an in-depth, sixteen hour workshop with Erich Schiffmann (photo on right)  (Author of "Yoga - The Spirit and Practice of Moving Into Stillness" and the popular Ali MacGraw "Yoga Mind and Body" video)

Lilias Folan and Ilse, Tampa, FL

In February, 2003, I completed a 14 hour, 3 day workshop with the ever popular Lilias Folan in Tampa, Florida. I had been watching and doing yoga with Lilias since the early 70's when she had a popular yoga show on PBS.

Monica, Bryan Kest, and Ilse, Orlando, January 2004.

I had the good fortune to be able to attend a three day, eleven hour power yoga workshop with my daughter, Monica. The Ashtanga Power Yoga workshop, by the popular Bryan Kest, was held in January, 2004, in Orlando, Florida.

Ravi Singh, Ilse Mindling, and Ana Brett

I attended a twelve hour Kundalini Yoga workshop in Tampa in January, 2005, given by the incomparable Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.

I enjoy learning and expanding my world of yoga, and I try to incorporate the valuable lessons in all my classes.

Namaste, Ilse

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