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Hi Ilse. I am so glad Debbie introduced me to your class at North Port Taekwondo. I am really enjoying the class. You are a gifted teacher! Please add me to your e-mail as I would enjoy receiving your newsletter.

Thank you!

Nancy G.
Sunday, July 3, 2011

I am one of your newer students. I meet with you at PGI Civic Center in Punta Gorda. I started attending your classes in February 2008. My daughter, who is a graduate student at U.C. Davis, in California, gave me a gift certificate to attend two of your classes. That is the most thoughtful Christmas gift she has ever given me. I truly enjoy your sessions. You are so very patient and have such a calming and soothing voice. Your directions are easy to follow. You make a novice quite comfortable. I plan on being your student for a long, long time.

Thank you so very much.

Jeannie B.

Please consider incorporating some Kundalini Yoga into one of the morning classes.  I really enjoyed the one session I attended that had just a bit of Kundalini. In fact, it made me feel good all day... Like no other class ever did.

Thanks. See you Thursday!


I started yoga about 6 months ago. After a brief hiatus due to our hurricanes, I have continued. I am amazed at how yoga is reshaping my body, reducing stress, and improving my flexibility. Most of all the insomnia I had from menopause is gone and the tingling and numbness in my hands in the middle of the night are gone. I am reading about yoga philosophy. And I enjoy the calm and soothing direction from Ilse.

Thank you Ilse.

I just started yoga and I'm so happy you have a beginners class. I love it


Ilse, I enjoy your class so much and it has helped me with chronic back pain. If it wasn't for yoga I do not know what shape my back would be in. Very glad the girls at the job told me about your class about 3 years ago. Looking forward to next Wednesday.


I have enjoyed you class for about a year now and I still look forward to coming every week. Thanks for being there for us.


I started your Yoga classes at Heron Creek a couple of months ago and it truly has been a wonderful journey....so far. I look forward to continuing to see you. Thank you.


I am so glad you are here for us. Really look forward to our sessions, A.


Hi Ilse, I enjoy your Thursday class and even though I am a beginner I feel that I've already gotten so much out of it and am firming up, feeling better everyday. Thanks so much.


I love coming to your classes and only wish I could make more classes each week.


I have been attending Ilse's class interemittently for the past few months. Due to a busy work schedule it is a challenge to get there every week, but when I do get there, WOW! I usually have knots in my neck when I arrive and leave knotless!! Thanks Ilse!


I have recently began a yoga practice again after some 20+ years of nonpractice. I have a chronic back condition, but have found that the stretches especially for the hamstrings have really helped the discomfort. I found your site in the newspaper (Herald Tribune) today. I hope to stop by and visit your class at some point in the near future. I work full time at Fawcett Hospital so my schedule is a bit of a challenge.


I thank you for making my first yoga experience a WONDERFUL one! I felt great all day! Can't wait till the next class


Always thought yoga was for wimps until I'd been to your first class. Thanks so much for teaching me how to breathe and make my body work better.


Ilse, Thank you for the opportunity to experience your yoga classes. I find myself getting stronger and more flexible every day. I had no idea yoga could be so rewarding and peaceful. Namaste!!!


Ilse, I really look forward to my two classes a week with you as a special treat. You have such a gentle way of coaxing us into the stretch positions! What pleasure to feel progress. You are very inspiring and special. Many thanks!


I would like for you to know that I really enjoy your class and think you are a great teacher. You include all of us folks that are just starting out and have a longggggg way to go! Thank you for your sensitivity to our individual needs.


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